Yesterday’s Child: Erica Lynn Parsons

//Yesterday’s Child: Erica Lynn Parsons

Yesterday’s Child: Erica Lynn Parsons

Erica Lynn Parsons was reported missing July 30, 2013 by her adoptive brother. She hadn’t been seen since 2011. It would be revealed that Erica was not in the family home for 20 months before police were notified. Her mother told authorities that Erica had been staying with her biological grandmother, a women for whom she had no address and no proof of identity. Yet her mother continued to receive state support checks for Erica.

Erica was born with many disadvantages. The child of an extramarital affair by troubled adults, she was unwanted before she was even born. She was adopted by an aunt and uncle who abused and neglected her. This is a case of such an unfair and sad beginning, can there be any hope for a brighter future? The odds are that Erica is dead. It seems the least she deserves is justice for those who failed to respect her life and did not give her the love and care she needed.

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  1. Anne May 1, 2017 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    Hi Jill and Dick,

    I am a fairly new listener and am catching up on all your episodes. This morning I listened to this one, released by you just a month before they found Erica’s remains. I’m sure you knew, I just haven’t heard an update but might have missed this. I listen to your podcasts while at work so I do miss things (and listen to episodes multiple times because of this…)
    I decided to ‘member-up’ last week and will try to leave you a 5* review soon, maybe even spoken!
    Thanks for making this, love going down to the quiet end!

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